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My learning

Postby msparida » Jan 9th, '16, 13:34

"My Learning"
Inquisitiveness is one of temperaments of mind to makes hankering for learning. This may be come from scarcity of existential needs or anxious for higher gaiety or material competition race or achievement or responsibility or spontaneous eagerness .As per own habit and instinct one implements the experience in every work to follow the achievement. In various situation one gets various experience to follow the way to achieve success. This is called learning.

There is an ideal procedure or way for performing the work to achieve success. One may or may not know the ideal procedure of daily as usual work both personally and organisationally.But expecting of higher service from time,system,process ,technology and natural resources both in personal and organizational work torching one to learning and getting satisfaction through achieve the success ,and continuous satisfaction hooking happiness. Happiness means the calm stage of mind .But dissatisfaction rather than inquisitiveness in every unsuccess invites hasty, irritation, angry, malice, dipressness which again invites losses in term of physical, moral and material both personally and organizationally.

Every one has potentiality to know the proper way of work to get success. But when one heartily engaged towards work both personally and organizationally spontaneously intuition comes to mind and open the ideal way to perform the work. That time one can improve the production, productivity with maintaining quality, safety and balance ecology. It is not so easy to maintain such inquisitive temperaments in every work because so many social and organizational obstruction stands for perform the work ideally. Therefore one follows any of divine concepts for balancing the micro system functioning within.

Learning is continuous process and its’ comes in various face in various field. Deep professional attitude people are open theirs mind for leaning new thing both for organizational and personal life ,but so many employees of any organization are not oriented to learning more rather than as usual work. Therefore professional people sweetly couscous subordinates about losses bearing on habit of lack of inquisitiveness in work both personally and organizationally.

How to develop higher consciousness in mind, which can detect the foolishness and repulsion act in every work, is also learning for everyone. Higher consciousness restrict every foolish and repulsion thought, and help to act for fulfill the purpose both for organizational and personal life. Above truth is cited through feeling getting from day to day work and convey for others utility.

Author- Madhu Sudana Parida
President-International Integration Bond(NGO)
Mobile no- 9437753040

My learning



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Re: My learning

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